Sharknado picture with tara reidOK, I admit it, I watched Sharknado the other day after listening to Howard Stern talk about it. I was watching Sharknado with my daughter Zoe and my wife Marguerite. For the first 5 minutes, nothing but complaints about turning off this awful, almost laughable movie. But, they something happened. What was at one time laughable became a movie to laugh with. Suddenly, we were participating in the beginning of what surely will become a cult film.  I can picture myself years back sitting in my fraternity house at Drexel with everyone and playing a Sharknada game. That’s what a cult film is all about. People develop social engagements around a subject, without always taking the content seriously.

This is similar to what helps make videos on youtube go viral.

For those of you who have sen Sharknado, I am sorry to report that Tara Reid will not be participating in the sequel… yes, the sequel.

Sharknado 2 Invades NYC