Amar Bose Picture

The death of Amar Bose, the founder and chief executive of the audio company Bose is a sad day for consumers and lovers of Bose products.

Bose was an amazing leader and visionary who created an entire new category of speakers for the common man and audiophile as well. He was a believer in producing high-quality products, while making them approachable. It’s amazing that Bose has been able to turn the $25 clock radio into a $400 purchase. It’s amazing that Bose got us to want $299 headphones for our flights.

Bose and Vocollect have many things in common. Both organizations have created new categories of products based upon meeting a unique need, while focusing on engineering excellence. Both organizations continued to change the perceptions and uses of their growing product lines. Both organizations believed that a vertically integrated approach to product design would allow them to create the premier user experience. And finally, both organizations made products that people wanted and that the users were proud to tell others that they were using their products. Yes, the products had “status”.

Bose and Vocollect both have taken many similar approaches to achieving market excellence.

It is rare to find people such as Amar Bose. Thank you.