These are not days of laughter. Many are losing their jobs and many more will not be surprised when they are personally expected. So much a season of holiday cheer. But, I think the bleak situation will provide an excellent opportunity for many to reinvent their situation and make lemonade from lemons.

If you know me, I’m no Pollyanna, but I do look at the world with a positive outlook and try to see the best of a situation. Only once you deal with the reality, can your begin to maximize the opportunity. Which brings me back to the world of social marketing. Marketers that look to make a positive situation out a bleak 2009 sales plan will help their companies gain market share and stay relevant over the next 12 months. Staying relevant and engaged to your most loyal customers and prospects will help ensure that when budgets to begin to thaw… you will be in a superb situation to win the business.

We’ve been talking about one-one-marketing for years thanks to Don Peppers (great speaker by the way… caught him at the recent Chris Brogan event at Gillette Stadium…). Social marketing is a tool that will help each marketer to make it happen. And you can do it without risk. Social marketing is one of the most pragmatic investments and commitments we all can make in 2009.

Happy holidays and stay safe.