What a week for baseball fans rooting for the Phillies. The curse I am happy to report is over… The Phillies are the 2008 World Champions. Hurray!

It makes me think about how many things have changed in my marketing career… and makes me so thankful to be a part of technology marketing today.

Successful technology marketing today requires a simplification of message, so people can quickly understand what your product offerings are all about. No different than a baseball manager using his players in situations they can relate to. Comfort and appreciation enable us all to execute at high levels of performance.

Successful technology marketing today requires that the basics are executed properly. The basic 4 P’s of marketing still exist. It’s important to always remember that we are responsible for creating an environment to help drive sales success and increase our brand awareness. This Is no different from a manager preparing his team to execute the basics of the game. In baseball many manage by “the book”, while using their intuition. More on that topic next week…

What are ways you can think about the parallels between baseball and technology marketing.